April 16, 2007

Environmental Doggy-Doo

Now I'm not one who has cared a lot about the environment in the past. I live in clean, green New Zealand (which is NOT part of Australia, for those of you who may have the wrong impression) and, "save the environment" slogans have been shoved down my throat since I was born.
I have recently come to realise that maybe, just maybe I should care more. For me, as a Christian I should probably be uncomfortable at the fact that I am helping to destroy this world that God has given humans, free of charge. I don't think I'm going to protest or start forcing people to turn from their evil ways. I just think that I might start to live a bit differently. I have thought up a list of things that I can do that could help. It's not about the impact it will make, but more the principle of it. I also like to think that if more people joined in it would make a huge difference.

1. Stop eating out at fast food places. They use a whole lot of plastic and things that aren't biodegradable.
2. If I do, don't have a straw and a cover for my cup. All that happens to them is that they are made, used once, thrown out and then put on a big rubbish heap.
3. Don't get a 4-wheel drive. Uses way too much of our diminishing petrol resource.
4. Buy clothes from op shops. Even if they were originally made by slave labour, at least you are giving the item a new lease of life. More wear for the work.
5. Instead of buying individually packaged items buy a big packet and then split it up yourself.

Thats my list so far. I'm going to work on those five things. I don't think I could handle more than that for now.

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