May 6, 2007

Blogs Are Strange Things

They are. It's like a diary which is open to the whole world. Diaries are supposed to be private, where you write your innermost feelings and thoughts. It seems absurd to me that now we are plastering them all over the internet.
The action of posting a blog is like a cry for attention or pity or comfort shown through the amount of readers or comments posted. It's saying "Look at me!!! I'll pour out all my angst or knowledge or emotion onto you who read this and maybe then someone will care."
Now if I thought this was a bad thing, I wouldn't post blogs. I think it is healthy sometimes to let out feelings. If posting is the new therapist, I'm all for it.
Just a thought

1 comment:

katiedid536 said...

You sound like the person that loves to read and enjoys quality screamo.

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