August 28, 2008

Macbooks and mutterings

My family was going to get an iMac because our computer packed a sad. I got very excited about this, as you could imagine. Someone convinced my dad that we should just do up our old computer instead. Now we aren't going to have happy iMac times. I am not very impressed.
Out of spite I am going to buy a macbook. Today. It shall be an impulse buy. And the most outrageous thing I have ever done on a whim.
Probably not the most sensible either, as my bank account can't really handle it.
Oh well. I feel rebellious.
I don't know which one to get though. I don't want a heavy one. I actually really want a pro. It's WAY too expensive though.
Oh no. I'm talking myself out of it. This is bad news.

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