August 22, 2008

My faith in humanity has been dashed

This morning I heard the news about Mike Guglielmucci. For those of you who don't know, he is a pastor, preacher and songwriter in Australia who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Turns out he's been faking it this whole time.
He wrote an amazing song called Healer which has just been so powerful for me and so many others. I can't believe it.
It got me so down. Just that a guy I had listened to and shed a tear for and prayed for had decieved me. It's just a shame and it feels so personal.
But he's getting help and he needs prayer and all that. As do his family, who knew nothing about the fraud either.
I'm just gutted.
And I hate that it's all over mainstream news too. Like it's all, "Look at this CHRISTIAN who is just a money-scabbing fake and has lied to the world for two years." I mean, fair enough but because he's christian it makes it that much worse. Like they play on that. I dunno. Christians are just people too. We all make mistakes.
Sorry for ranting.
Someone restore my faith in humanity. Please.

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Jess said...

Aw hun, don't be too upset. That guy sounds like a COMPLETE idiot. honestly.

& the media always nitpick at "unique" things, such as religion or mental illness. I always get annoyed when they point that stuff out. It's just ugh!


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