September 7, 2008

Christians FTL

Ok, so I don't hate Christians.
I just hate what some of them do.
I just read this:
Seriously. Where is the love in that? Telling people they are going to go to Hell is not exactly very nice. We are supposed to be living like Jesus did; selflessly and always loving on others. It sounds lame but I think that ideally if everyone lived like that, regardless of religion, the world would be a much better place.
I don't agree with homosexuality, but I'm not about to hate on the people who practise it. I don't understand why it is made into such a huge issue. What about other "sins" which are glanced over by the church? I think it's about finding the balance between standing up for what we believe in but not flat-out insulting people who don't agree with us.
It's about thinking about others before ourselves. Take a step back and think about what message you are sending from the other person's perspective.
It's not easy though, I realise that. Everyone makes mistakes. But then if we really were living selflessly we wouldn't judge people for their failures.
I'm not judging this church. I just want to make it clear that not all Christians are the same. We don't all think the same. We don't all act the same. We can't all be lumped into the same category.
What if everyone decided they could do something selfless for someone else. It wouldn't take much. Help an old lady across the street. Buy lunch for a homeless man. Smile at someone as you walk past. You never know how much influence your action has had on that person's life.
I really think it could happen. Person by person. You could make a difference for someone else.

Ghandi said something like this, "I love your Christ, but I hate your Christians."

As Christians we are meant to be one and the same with Christ, Jesus with skin on, the hands and feet of God. Loving like Jesus did in his generation, only with our own generation.

This is basically what I mean:

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