November 13, 2008

One Remarkable Year

The year 2008 is fast approaching its conclusion. Christmas is just around the corner. Malls are putting up tinsel, Christmas promotions have started and very soon horrible dangly Christmas decorations will adorn the ears of festive middle-aged women wishing to look like Christmas trees. I want to get in quickly before the holiday spirit truly sets in and God pushes the fast-forward button on mankind so that December is over before it even began and he doesn't have to look at the human race running around like frantic ants, collecting all of their Christmas gifts in the massive sales.
As I reflect on this past year I struggle to think of something remarkable that has come out of it. Sure, there have been some awesome experiences and moments along the way, but nothing completely life-changing. I can tell that 2008 will just be another one of those years that passes me by, kind of like Year 3 and 4 at Primary school. I might remember it as the year I started university, but further than that it will be lost. We all have those years that we can't remember much about as we look back over our lives so far. We don't have to anymore.
I don't want to let another ordinary, forgettable year go by. I want to be living a remarkable life.
This is why I have created a project. Next year I will document in a blog one remarkable thing that happens each day. I am hoping that what next year will teach me is to appreciate the small things in life, to be grateful for the simple pleasures. Whether it is walking by a patch of freshly cut grass and breathing in the wonderful aroma or doing something unnecessarily special for someone else, I will document it.
I would love it if you would also do the same. I can't even begin to imagine the change that would happen in this world if each person decided to do or appreciate something remarkable each day. So start your own One Remarkable Year blog. You don't have to do exactly the same as me. You could decide to take a photo of something remarkable each day, or paint a picture, just be creative.
I am so excited about what next year will bring. Hopefully it will begin a trend which will continue for my whole life of being grateful for what I have and willing to help others however I can.
Start your own and spread the word!

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