January 5, 2009


I found a new bandwagon to jump on.

1. You seem like an awesome girl. Your videos are so creative and you crack me up.
2. I love you an incredible amount. There is no way I could wish for a better brother. I don't know what the heck I'd do without you. If I ever need a laugh or a hug you are always there.
3. You are very entertaining. I don't know you all that well though.
4. You called me an alien and we haven't spoken since.
5. I enjoy and look forward to our conversations so much. You make me feel like I'm worth getting to know. Many a late night has been spent chatting and wondering where the time went.
6. You are so friendly towards everyone. I love that your outlook is that everyone at least deserves a chance to get involved in the community.
7. I really treasure your friendship. I can't believe how long I have known you. I love that I have been able to see you develop into who you are today.
8. I really wish I knew you better. You seem so flippin cool. Sometimes I feel like you are almost too cool for me to associate with.
9. Woah. You are one awesome, incredibly talented young lady and yet you are so modest. I think you and I would get on just fine in real life.
10. I don't know you as well as I would like to. I'd love to talk faith and life with you. You seem like someone I could do that with easily.
11. Your wit and eloquence are unmatched. Every update has me in hysterics.
12. I love your enthusiasm for ORY. You write extremely well and reading your blog is always entertaining.
13. I don't think I've ever talked to you on Skype. It's ok though because I would much rather talk to you in person so I can see your gorgeous face.
14. We are so different and sometimes you frustrate me but I count you as one of my closest friends because we have come through so much together.
15. I don't really know you. Sometimes I just cringe at what you do and say. I'd like to talk more so I can understand you better.
16. You are never online. I like your music, but I do think you are slightly stalkerish.
17. You are cool. Sometimes you take matters too seriously though.
18. I love you to pieces. I would appreciate the truth though. You need to understand that people love you no matter how exciting your life is and despite all of the make-believe.
19. Who the heck are you?
20. You are one of the most talented people on YouTube and so young! Your videos are so arty and creative. I wish we talked more.
21. You seem so aloof and you are slightly intimidating. I don't know why. You are perfectly nice and it would be awesome to chat more often.

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